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Workshops - Shakti Yoga and Wellness St. John's
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Bobby offers a number of yoga and meditation workshops. Keep checking this page or contact Bobby at Bobby@ShaktiYoga.ca for upcoming workshop dates or to arrange to host a workshop at your studio, or for a specific group venue.


The Neuroscience of Meditation Workshop:
This is Your Brain on Yoga!

Date: March 22nd
Time: Sunday, 9am-12noon
Location: Yoga Kula Co-Op, Coaker’s Meadow Plaza, 286 Torbay Road
Cost:$45+hst ($50.85)
Instructor: Bobby Bessey, B.Sc., E-RYT 500 Yoga Instructor, Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT), Yoga Teacher Trainer.

About this Workshop:
Yoga in the form of Meditation doesn’t just help us become happier and calmer. Modern technology now allows us to study the effect of meditation in a way that was never possible before. We now know that the effect of meditation can be as far reaching as changing the content of the blood and even the shape of the brain! We have all read the articles telling us that yoga meditation has a powerful impact on health and well-being, yet it can still be challenging to develop a personal practice. Much of this has to do with not being able to measure it’s effects in any visible way. Being unable to step on a scale or look at a monitor to measure “progress” we can end up sitting and wondering if anything is really happening. Well, it is!

Find the motivation to start meditating regularly or to deepen your current practice in this workshop as we explore types of meditation, tips and techniques to fine tune your practice. Come prepared for several short periods of gentle asana interspersed with information on some of the studies that will leave you with no doubt that happening in your body and mind the next time you sit in meditation.

This workshop is appropriate for those with an existing yoga practice and for absolute beginners to yoga movements and meditation. No experience of any sort is required to benefit from this session.

“There’s a void in your soul, ready to be kindled. You can feel it, can’t you?”
– Rumi


Yoga Meditation and Quantum Physics: Reconnecting with the Universal Vibration

Yoga for Office Workers: Bringing Yoga to Your Desk

Yoga for Detoxification: Mind and Body Cleansing with Asana, Pranayama and Meditation

The Physiology of Yoga: How Yoga Makes you Healthier and How to Tailor Your Practice to Meet Your Body’s Needs.

The Neuroscience of Meditation: This is Your Brain on Yoga!

Bringing the Yoga Sutras into your Asana Practice: Ancient Wisdom that is as Relevant now as it was Then!

Teaching Yoga to Multi-Level Classes: Meeting Everyone’s Needs in a Safe, Supportive and Welcoming Environment

Bringing Breath and Meditation into Asana

Yoga Meditation and Quantum Physics: Reconnecting with the Universal Vibration
half_an_atom_meditator_thumbYou don’t have to be a physicist to benefit from this workshop. Learn how the ancient wisdom of Patanjali’s yoga sutras and the most cutting edge discoveries of quantum physics flow together seamlessly. How our place in the universal order is simply being described from different viewpoints. In this 3 hour workshop you will learn the key to plugging back in to this ancient understanding from the study of a blending of the oldest and newest knowledge known to man. Come prepared for a lecture, meditation and asana practice that will shake up everything you ever thought you knew about the nature of your existence and of the universe that we live inside. This workshop is appropriate for absolute beginners of yoga and meditation as well as experienced yogis. Those new to yoga and meditation will learn basic meditation techniques to help develop a regular home practice. All yoga poses are carefully chosen for their ability to be adjusted for a full range of practitioners, including those who would prefer to practice in a chair. Experienced yogis will get motivation to deepen their meditation practice, ideas for how to make their asana practice more meditative and some reflection into how their practice and study of the yoga sutras as well as other traditional yoga teachings weave beautifully into all that science has discovered about the universe so far. This is the workshop to wake you up to why meditation is the most important part of your practice and how most of it doesn’t even have to take place on your yoga mat!