Teacher Training Information Session

ShaktiYoga2014-0004613_thumbOn Sunday, Sep 21st from 2-4pm, Meaghan and I will be holding an information session to provide an opportunity for those considering joining the 2015 teacher training to meet with us and ask any questions you might have.

Becoming a yoga teacher is not about being the most flexible, or able to do fancy poses. It is about deepening your understanding of the ancient wisdom of yoga and gaining the skills to share this life altering practice with others. This training is open to any serious student of yoga who is ready to deepen his or her own practice, and to learn how to teach with skill and confidence. Anyone, of any age or body type, who is passionate about yoga can be an inspiring yoga teacher. Maybe this is your year? Go to my Teacher Training page for more details on the 2015 session.

Registration is happening now for the 2015 Yoga Teacher Training that is co-taught by myself and Meaghan Burridge. This popular teacher training has filled every year that we have offered it, and this year looks to be no exception. We already have a growing list of excited 2015 registrants. Visit my Teacher Training page for more information on this 10 session training (one weekend monthly with a break in July and August). This is a transformational, Yoga Alliance registered, teacher training program that will deepen your yoga practice and prepare you to share your love of yoga with confidence and joy.

I recently received an email from a graduate of last year’s program and thought I’d share it here. So many people call me up excited about yoga and wanting to teach but thinking that they are not the right age, body type, experience level, etc, etc. I love how this graduate summed up her experience. Yoga is for everyone!

Raelene White, 2013 Teacher Training Graduate

I debated taking this yoga training session for over a year. I just didn’t feel I was “enough”… Maybe some of you felt this way? I wasn’t “flexible enough”, ” meditative enough”, ” spiritual enough”, ” thin enough”… Just generally not “yoga enough”. But I took a leap of faith and grabbed the opportunity to grow and am very glad that I did. Bobby and Meaghan were welcoming and supportive. They helped me, and I am sure all of us, to see that each of us has something special we can offer, that maybe someone else can’t. Our life experiences have shaped who we are and will help us each bring something valuable to share with our students.

I learned that there is no perfect yoga pose, or that I have to be able to do every yoga pose perfectly, to share the love of yoga with others. I guess they helped me let go of ego and judgement of myself and others. I learned that I am enough just the way I am. I deeply value our weekends together and do miss them.