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Shakti Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training

An ayurveda yoga teacher training that empowers yoga teachers & practioners to bring the healing properties of this ancient Indian science of wellness into their personal practice and instruction. Ayurveda both builds upon, and underscores the teachings of yoga. The techniques and practices taught in this training are designed to flow easily into personal yoga practices, private sessions, and group asana class instruction. Teaching modalities include lecture, asana, pranayama, mantra, marma massage, and practicum portions. Ayurvedic food and lifestyle choices are studied. Tea and snack breaks provide instruction on using healing spices, herbs, and foods to promote healing.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Ayurvedic Yoga Training that I completed with Bobby. I am a yoga teacher and have used what I learned when developing classes – aiming to balance energies during certain times of day, times of the year, if there is anything stressful going on in the news… It was an excellent source of inspiration. The training also helps with bringing balance into your every day life – the recipes were especially nice to learn! I have completed multiple training courses with Bobby – she is a knowledgeable and engaging teacher and provides great manuals/resources with her courses.”
Emilie Martin, Yoga Teacher

Upcoming Training Dates

DATES: March 6th,7th,13th,14th (Two Weekends)
TIMES: 9am-5pm
LOCATION: Live Stream from anywhere (A list of optional items to cook, make tea etc. along with the group will be sent prior to start). Depending on the covid situation there may or may not be a couple of in-person spots in St. John’s, NL (Live Stream participation also possible via Zoom). This is TBD.
INVESTMENT: $590+hst ($678.50)
This program can be attended virtually. Contact Bobby for more details.

Contact Bobby@ShaktiYoga.ca if you would like to host this training in your area. Bobby currently facilitates this training both within Canada and internationally.


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06/03/2021 - 14/03/2021


Bookings are closed for this event.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest holistic healing system. It is commonly referred to as yoga’s sister science. This is logical as both philosophies view our body, our senses, and the world we live in, as manifestations of the foundational fabric of the universe. Ayurveda teaches how to perceive, and manipulate these basic cosmic energies to maintain and restore wellness. When used in combination with yoga practices, ayurvedic insights empower instructors to develop classes that are more robust and intuitive. Teachers are able to tune in to a classes’ specific needs by utilizing knowledge of natural cycles, and the ever-changing impact of environment on well-being.

Despite the enormous potential benefits of merging these two sciences, bringing the wisdom of ayurveda into a yoga asana class remains elusive for many yoga teachers, and ayurvedic practioners alike.

This four day teacher training program introduces the underlying basis of ayurvedic theory, and how it can be practically incorporated into a yoga asana class for a more effective overall wellness impact. The detailed and robust understanding of the gunas (fundamental energies that make up the universe) provided in this training lay the ground work for effectively utilizing dosha assessments, understanding the ever shifting individual & group needs of a class, and choosing asana, pranayama, meditation, and mudra, choices through the lens of ayurvedic teachings.

This Course Covers

  • Introduction to ayurveda philosophy and origins.
  • Ayurvedic perspectives on disease and healing.
  • How to design a yoga class sequence to balance each dosha (vata, pitta, kapha)
  • Specific asana for each type of dosha imbalance.
  • Incorporating time of day, seasons and other cycles into class design. Pranayama for dosha balance.
  • Mantra and mudra for dosha balance.
  • Extensive study of the gunas, and how to utilize them in a yoga class.
  • Doshas, constitution quizzes and applications, subtle body topics such as vayus and chakras,
  • Ayurvedic Diet and lifestyle. We will make ghee, kitchari, and various dosha balancing and healing teas.
  • Use of singing bowl sounds for chakra and dosha balance.
  • Basic marma points that can be utilized in a yoga class to balance doshas.
  • Techniques for incorporating peripheral ayurvedic practices into private and group asana classes (aromatherapy, colour therapy and gem stones will be referenced briefly only in the context of how they can be used to enhance yoga asana classes).

A $200 CAD deposit is required upon registration for this training. Contact Bobby@shaktiyoga.ca for more registration details.